How MEH ry Empowers Young Refugees and Migrants in Helsinki

Young people from migratory backgrounds, and  their health, happiness and wellbeing have been a special focus point of MEH ry since the beginning. We have been working consistently with young (15-29 years) people for over 20 years, offering activities, hobbies, support, and help in the daily lives of young people and their families and communities. We have also built collaboration, negotiation and skills sharing avenues between networks of multiple fields specialists in Finland involved in Youth work, to be able to tackle even the most difficult concerns that the youth of today might be facing, and to do it together, always carefully listening to the hopes, wishes and concerns that come from the young person first. We feel the only way to build a sustainable future is to see and hear the voices of our young people, because they are our future. Want to learn more about our principles, activities, get involved, find Your passion, connect with others, or a way to change this world? Just let us know, we got You!
How MEH ry Empowers Young Refugees and Migrants in Helsinki
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Volunteer opportunities

MEH's Education team helps run Out-of-School-Hours Learning Support Programs for migrant and refugee students, improving their literacy, numeracy, and study skills, as well as building confidence and a sense of community through volunteer support.

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