Volunteering - A Powerful Way to Make a Difference

Do You sometimes yearn to see solutions to the most difficult of problems in this world, and would want to be part of the solution, but do not know how? Our volunteering options will probably have exciting opportunities also for You, no matter what Your skills, interests or background might be. Or do You dream about making a difference in the world, but do not quite know yet, what kinds of options are there, or how to get the skills, tools and opportunities to do this? Do not hesitate to contact us, and we'll see together, what might work for You!
Volunteering - A Powerful Way to Make a Difference
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Volunteer opportunities

MEH's Education team helps run Out-of-School-Hours Learning Support Programs for migrant and refugee students, improving their literacy, numeracy, and study skills, as well as building confidence and a sense of community through volunteer support.

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