Dealing with authorities

MEH RY helps young people, immigrants and the marginalized to adapt to society, there by gaining more courage and self-confidence.
Dealing with authorities

Get help the way You really need

As an experienced multi-field integrations advisor, we can help out in whatever small or large scale of issues, that You might face in Your life in Finland. Often dealing with authorities feels intimidating, if Your confidence in using Finnish is not strong, and misunderstandings are not uncommon.

"Autoitte minua todella. Tämä oli suuri juttu, kiitos." -Asiakaspalaute

If You have a problem, let us know, and we will book You an appointment as soon as possible, for finding out together, how You want to proceed. We are on Your side.

Statistics show, that Finland has one of the highest rates of racist discrimination against ethnic minorities and people from migratory backgrouds. It is not a secret, that people who experience racism, are much more likely to experience every other types of discrimination as well, and this is especially heavy in situations, when You need to deal with an authority of some sort. Let us help, and we can guide You through!

The migrant's own wishes and needs as the focal point

It ia also typical in a situation with an authority, that the migrant's or the minority group's own thoughts and views do not get heard, regarded, or even taken into consideration, when it's their daily lives and the lives of the loved ones that are concerned. We undertand this, and will represent Your interest in every situation necessary, and advocate a positive change in the Finnish socity's receptiveness to hear the views of the migrant, and hold steadfast onto the equal human rights for all, no matter what Your background, language, looks, religion, or lifestyle. We know it is not easy to take the human rights into practice, but will support You every step of the way.

Volunteer opportunities

MEH's Education team helps run Out-of-School-Hours Learning Support Programs for migrant and refugee students, improving their literacy, numeracy, and study skills, as well as building confidence and a sense of community through volunteer support.

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