Residence permit

MEH RY helps young people, immigrants and the marginalized to adapt to society, there by gaining more courage and self-confidence.
Residence permit

It all starts with the residence permit

We have a wealth of experience in guiding You through the process of getting the paperwork in order, to help You get settled in Finland.

"I wish I had known some specific things about the process, before filling out the application, that the officers did not tell me about. The system might not be as clear and opaque as the officials appear to think."

You can trust us, in providing You the best possible options out there, to help You get established here. But as all human beings are idividuals, so is each residence permit case is also unique, with its unique challenges and strengths. So let us figure it out together, and better sooner than later, just book the appointment, and let's sort it all out.

For each residence permit, there are best ways to handle the process

An asylumn residence permit has different requirements, rules and regulations, to a family residence permit, and we can tell You how and why.

  • Work residence permits
  • Family residence permits
  • Asylumn residence permits

There are obviously a few pitfalls with each, and we can help You identify them, so that Your life can get started in Finland as soon as possible. It is common knowledge, that the sooner the integrations' process can begin, upon arrival to the country, the better the integrations' outcome. Residence permit plays an integral role in facilitating this process, so let us get it started the best way possible, to go through the details together!

Volunteer opportunities

MEH's Education team helps run Out-of-School-Hours Learning Support Programs for migrant and refugee students, improving their literacy, numeracy, and study skills, as well as building confidence and a sense of community through volunteer support.

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