Training and studies

MEH RY helps young people, immigrants and the marginalized to adapt to society, there by gaining more courage and self-confidence.
Training and studies

Training and studies as the quickest route to working life

If You have ever tried to find a job in Finland, You might have noticed this - whatever You want to do here, it probably has a training, a mandatory certificate or a professional degree as a requirement in entering the field.

"It is almost like a different profession, to do something here in Finnish language, as opposed to working the profession where I studied, in the language that I originally learned it."

We can help You in finding the right options for updating or complementing Your current expertise and skill-set for the demands of Finnish working life, just let us know, what Your goals are, and we'll look up together, what is available, when and where, so You can get to where You want to be professionally. Sometimes it might be just the Finnish vocabulary, or some specific certificate that You have to assess, our collaborating organisations might also be able to help out in finding the way to get ready for Finnish working life.

Or, You might find out, that the profession You used worked in previously, does no longer serve Your life's goals and You want to change careers? Let us help You in making this career-change successfully! If You already know, what You want to be doing in the future, perfect! If not, we can look through the options together, to find out what really inspires You, so You can start living up to Your full potential, and also use the skills and knowledge You already acquired, whatever way that best suits Your goals and needs.

Just book an appointment, and we'll proceed from there, to assess Your future career in Finland! Currently we offer working-life coaching, CV-building, job-application assistance and career guidance in Somalian, Finnish and in English, but are always looking for integrations professionals also in other languages too, who could supplement our team.

Volunteer opportunities

MEH's Education team helps run Out-of-School-Hours Learning Support Programs for migrant and refugee students, improving their literacy, numeracy, and study skills, as well as building confidence and a sense of community through volunteer support.

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